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20 Fashion Tips to Make Your Clothes Look Expensive

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You admire all those perfect and gorgeous stars who wear stunning outfits. And you’d like to look like them, but it's no secret that their wardrobe can cost a fortune! Don't despair; there are ways to make your clothes look more expensive without spending too much money.

Did you know, for example, that an ordinary white shirt made of high-quality material will make any outfit look perfect? Or that any regular shirt, cardigan, or coat can be transformed into something more elegant by simply changing the buttons? Or that something as simple as a beige color can make you look more luxurious and trendy? Interested? These tips will help you look chic and elegant without spending a fortune on clothes. By the way, even celebrities often choose ordinary brands.

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Choose the right fabric 0:23
Go for color unity 1:04
Get a white shirt 1:34
Don't neglect the handbag 2:01
No faded colors 2:33
Fit is the key 2:57
Don’t overuse perfume 3:23
When in doubt choose beige 3:50
Don’t forget about grooming 4:13
Be careful with prints 4:43
Avoid visible zippers 5:10
Tuck in your clothes 5:32
Wrinkled clothes are a big “no” 5:56
Don’t forget about underwear 6:22
Change the buttons 6:51
Make a blazer your best friend 7:18
Manage your priorities 7:41
Throw on some sunglasses 8:07
Get a pair of pointy shoes 8:30
Pay attention to the hardware 8:54

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- It's better to avoid synthetic materials since they can lose their shape easily. When it comes to polyester, it's kind of a tricky one – its quality varies from item to item.
- If you want to come to haute couture, pick up a few colors that you like the most, and choose clothes of similar shades for your wardrobe.
- When it comes to accessories, a handbag is really one of the most important; it makes the whole outfit look polished.
- If you don't want to ruin your image and look cheap, get rid of the clothes with washed-out colors.
- It’s better not to use too much perfume if you have to be on public transport or in a building for a long time. A classy lady always respects other people’s private space!
- The way you look also depends on your body shape, your skin condition, and makeup. Work on your appearance and you’ll feel confident and beautiful in any clothes!
- To tell the quality of a garment, you should look not only at its fabric, but its accessories as well. Visible zippers are an obvious giveaway to cheap clothes.
- Get a pair of silicone bra cups that’ll let you rock backless and strapless dresses or blouses.
- Cheap clothes usually come with plastic buttons, but you can easily replace them with glass, wooden, or metal buttons.
- When you want a more chic style, you absolutely don’t have to change your whole wardrobe. Sometimes all it takes is a few new items. One of them is definitely a blazer.
- I have no idea how it works, but putting on sunglasses instantly makes your whole outfit look better.
- When it comes to footwear, you don't need to revamp your entire shoe collection; but it’s a great idea to get a classic pair of pointed shoes.
- If you have a yellow gold necklace, all other hardware in your outfit should be of the same hue. I’ll bring that perfect subtle harmony to your look.

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