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15 Tips from Dietitians to Lose Weight Faster

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In case you don’t want to fall for a marketing trick promising instant weight loss but achieve actual results and drop some pounds quickly and for good, this video is just what you’ve been looking for. We’ve asked professional dieticians how to get rid of belly fat effectively and they’ve shared some simple secret weight-loss tips that will help you get the body of your dreams and stay fit.
Rebecca Scritchfield, a registered dietician and author of the book Body Kindness, explains, “When you focus more on what you add into your healthy eating patterns (like having a side of veggies on pizza night) rather than taking away foods you love, you free yourself from ‘the diet crazies.’
Quantity, quality, and portions are extremely important. Another tip suggested by the Cornell University Food Lab is to contrast the color of your food with your plate. Such an obvious color difference will help you realize just how much food you have.
Lack of sleep interferes with impulse control, making it less likely that you’ll stick to healthy food choices and portion sizes the next day.
Dr. Wiegand explains, “What works for one person could make someone else ill or simply won’t be effective.”
The best snack options are nuts, seeds, fruit, yogurt, cheese sticks, plain popcorn, and low-sugar granola bars.
According to dietician Brooke Zigler, “When adding fiber to your diet, it's very important to drink water throughout the day to prevent bloating. It's also encouraged to eat protein with fiber since it promotes satiety.”

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Don't restrict the variety, increase it. 0:24
Watch your portions. 1:10
Give credit where credit’s due: to you! 1:54
Don’t underestimate the power of sleep. 2:27
You’re not dieting to look good but to feel good. 3:00
You’ve got to keep track of the calories. 3:41
Don't follow the herd, choose your diet wisely. 4:09
Snacking isn't as bad as you think. 4:42
Eat when you're hungry, not when you're bored. 5:14
Don't be too hard on yourself. 5:57
Liposuction isn't the answer. 6:32
Not all fats make you fat. 7:08
Pay attention to the meds you're taking. 7:49
Fast weight loss isn't actually fat loss. 8:24
Fiber can help you lose weight quicker. 9:20

-Stop torturing yourself with impossible restrictions and add a little extra on that plate, just make sure that it’s plenty of veggies or nuts.
-To satisfy your hunger, serve yourself fruit or grilled veggies so that your urge to eat more doesn't spoil your diet regimen.
-Don’t forget to mention the commitment YOU showed to lose weight and the effort YOU put in to do it when you achieve good results.
-Getting less than 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night ramps up the hunger hormone ghrelin and decreases the satiety hormone leptin.
-To lose weight for good, you need to adopt an all-around lifestyle change that includes what you eat, how you prepare food, and how often you move your body.
-If you keep track of the number of calories you’re consuming, you’ll always be aware of what and how much you eat and will achieve your goal faster.
-Assess your own body first and choose a diet plan that’s suited for you personally.
-Any snack that’s rich in protein won't only make you feel fuller, it’ll also keep the cravings under control.
-If you’re not sure whether it’s emotions or physical hunger that’s taken you to the fridge, imagine eating a carrot stick.
-Cravings are totally natural and that their intensity varies from person to person, so don’t beat yourself up for giving in sometimes.
-Not only do you have to lose a certain amount of weight before the surgery, you also have to keep it under control afterwards.
-Full-fat dairy products, nuts, and plant-based fats promote weight loss, not inhibit it.
-Avoid the pills and go for creams and ointments when it comes to struggling with allergies and extra weight.
-Fast weight loss isn’t sustainable and is usually regained back fast and results in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, which messes up your metabolism.
-When adding fiber to your diet, it's very important to drink water throughout the day to prevent bloating.

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