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13 Secrets Cruise Ships Are Hiding From You

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How to Save Money Traveling? How does a cruise ship function? The more travel experience you gain, the better you’ll understand that there are some things crew members don't tell you about. And you only get to know about off-the-menu treats or good deals on onboard purchases if you're really lucky. This video will open your eyes to 13 secrets cruise ship crews don't want you to know.

You should know that there are no all-inclusive cruises. 1:22
Every cruise ship has a jail on board. 2:53
Every cruise ship also has a morgue on board. 3:44
There are secret codes. 4:44
Befriend the crew — you may get amazing perks! 5:44
There's a secret pool available for a chosen few. 6:23
Ask for adults-only areas. 6:56
The crew has anti-pirate training. 7:35
The bigger your ship is, the higher the risk of a fire. 8:15
People gain weight on cruises. 8:50
Your ship will easily leave you behind. 9:16
Disease outbreaks are not uncommon on cruise ships. 9:51
People go missing from cruise ships. 10:29


-Most specialty restaurants are free, as are the buffets and main dining rooms. If you are unwilling to pay extra, avoid spas and salons. For such classes as yoga, dancing, or Pilates, you'll most likely have to pay about $10.
-Each cruise ship has its own very real jail called “the brig.” This prison typically consists of several small rooms with only a bed for furniture.
-Sadly, cases of people passing away on cruise ships aren't so rare. In fact, about 200 people pass away while on a cruise every year.
-If you hear an announcement of “Operation Bright Star” or “Alpha, Alpha, Alpha,” there's a medical emergency on board. And “Operation Rising Star" means that a passenger has died.
-If you manage to befriend some staff members, you might be able to have a much more exuberant trip.
-A hot tub, sometimes accompanied by a swimming pool, situated in the front of the ship in the staff-only area.
-Adults-only zones are much calmer and more relaxing than the rest of the ship. If you don't see such a place, ask a crew member.
-Pirates do exist nowadays, and from time to time they even attempt to attack cruise ships. There have been 6 such cases recorded, but only one of them was successful.
-Between 1999 and 2011, 79 fires happened on cruise ships. What's more, since 2006, the number of fires per year has doubled.
-People gain between 5 and 10 extra pounds on a week-long cruise. It definitely depends on how much they work out while cruising and how many alcoholic cocktails they drink each day.
-Nobody on the ship has any obligations to wait for you as cruise ships have to stick to a very strict schedule.
-Everyone on the ship lives in close quarters and shares dining areas. Even if one infected person gets on board, this may result in a disastrous gastrointestinal outbreak.
-According to statistics from the Cruise Victims Association, 165 people went missing between 1995 and 2011. Some sources state that this number could be as high as 200 people.

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