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Everyone has had a bad relationship that can pop up in memories and dreams from time to time. Sometimes we even forget about these relationships and then we suddenly bump into our exes. And of course, when you meet your ex, it’s practically a rule that you must look as bad as you possibly can: old and unflattering clothes, no makeup, messy hair, and so on. This is Murphy’s law. In these funny illustrations, we want to tell you about this law.
Bright Side wants to warn you that there is a lot of sarcasm and truth in this video, so you should be ready.

That's how your Ex looks like 0:14
It always happens when you meet your Ex 0:42
When you are invited to the same party 1:03
Your Ex always chooses the best time 1:27
Your Ex after breaking up with you 1:44
Gifts from your Ex 2:04
When your Ex finds a new partner 2:20
That's what we think about our exes 2:44
It's time to move on 3:07
Have you ever been t such a situation? 3:27
When you stalk your Ex's new partner 3:45

In which of these situations did you recognize yourself or your ex? Share your funny stories in the comment section below!

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