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100+ Jaw-Dropping Facts About the Human Body

Hey everybody! Join our live stream! Today we're talking about the human body! Did you know that there are more than 300 million capillaries in your lungs? Or that if you kiss another person for a certain amount of time, this is much more effective in terms of hygiene than using chewing gum? It normalizes the level of acidity in your oral cavities! Doesn't this sound amazing?!

Or maybe you thought that all our body parts are vitally important? Wrong! In fact, our bodies are littered with the parts we don't need! We can surprisingly live without them. Charles Darwin called those body parts "useless, or nearly useless." We are going to tell you about the most unusual and mind-blowing characteristics only a few people have. Yes, all people in the world are different, and everyone is unique. And yet some of us have rare features that occur in only a few percents of humans.

Among other things, you're gonna find out about some unheard of body parts that you have for one reason or another (we bet you've never heard of them before). We at Bright Side found amazing facts that prove there is something really powerful about our bodies. Scientists reveal new discoveries about the human body almost every day, and some of them will sound very surprising to you!

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