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10 World's Strangest Borders Between Countries

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "border"? Is it some official-looking place with reserved customs officers and trained dogs? Well, not all borders in the world are fenced in with barbed wire! Have a look at some of the most unusual and sometimes even baffling ones!

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Keep right! Or left? Okay, I'm confused 0:28

This border is an art object 1:25

The Triple Frontier 2:02

Tomorrow Island and Yesterday Isle 2:39

The most complex border 3:35

2 miles long border 4:19

The most beautiful border in the world 5:03

What a tripoint is 5:35

The most fun border 6:24

Where's a border here? 7:23

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- If you lack challenge in your life, head for the border between Macau and China. The funny thing is that people in Macau, like in Hong Kong, drive on the left side of the road, while the Chinese drive on the right.
- The border between Poland and Ukraine is not just a line between two countries; it's an art object! If you look at the piece of land situated between Polish Horodyszcze and Ukrainian Warez from above, you'll see two colossal fish.
- I wonder what you would say about a border that separates not two but three countries at a time? This place I'm talking about is known as "The Triple Frontier," and that's where the Iguazu River and the Parana River separate Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.
- Big Diomede is a Russian island, and Little Diomede belongs to the USA. Despite a relatively small distance between the two islands, Big Diomede is 21 hours ahead of its fellow isle!
- This border may be by far the most unusual and complex one of them all. It runs through the town of Baarle-Hertog. The thing is that it's virtually one town some parts of which belong to Belgium and others to the Netherlands.
- The world's smallest country, Vatican City, is a state of its own. It's encircled by a border with Italy which is just 2 miles long, and the size of the entire country is just over 100 acres.
- Brazil - Argentina. The border between the two countries might as well be the most beautiful in the world. You would agree if you've ever seen the world's largest waterfall system, Iguazu Falls, situated on the Iguazu River.
- Hungary - Slovakia - Austria. A point where the borders of three countries meet is called a tripoint, and there are about 170 such points in the world.
- A zip line connects Spain and Portugal, and it's probably the best way for an adrenaline junkie to cross the border between the two countries.
- The border between Malaysia and Indonesia consists of a land boundary that separates the two countries on Borneo island, and maritime borders that run along the Straits of Malacca, in the Celebes Sea and the South China Sea.

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