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10 Fake Facts About Your Body That Sound True

There are so many facts about our bodies that we learned in school or heard from adults, right? For example, if you wanna lose weight, you need to eat fruit. Don’t eat chocolate because it causes acne. Surprisingly, a lot of these health “facts” are nothing but old wives' tales! They are really far from the truth.

Well, Bright Side has worked out which claims about our bodies you should stop believing. For example, scientists have long come to the unanimous conclusion that high-fructose syrup's biological effect is practically the same as that of honey. The only difference is that products like candy usually contain more sugar in one serving than honey does. And this difference in calories is the only issue you should be cautious of. Do you wanna find out other facts? Then watch the video!

If you want to lose weight, you should eat more fruit 0:58
Yogurt helps you slim down and improve your digestion 2:25
Milk is good for your health 3:39
You'll get acne if you eat chocolate 4:56
Carrots improve your eyesight 5:45
You have unique fingerprints 6:54
You have five senses 7:44
Honey is better for you than processed sugar 8:36
The 5-Second Rule is totally a thing 9:19
You should never wake a sleepwalker 10:24

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- If you consume too much fructose, your liver's capacity will overfill, causing this organ to convert the excess sugar into fat.
- The benefits of yogurt are seriously oversold. Millions of bacteria live in your body naturally and work in unison. Even scientists aren't exactly sure what happens when you add some more living microorganisms to this concoction.
- A 2009 study published in the International Journal of Dermatology found a connection between acne outbreaks in young boys and girls and consuming dairy products. They believe it has something to do with the cow’s hormones in the milk itself.
- Neither chocolate nor fat has any influence on acne breakouts.
- The belief that eating carrots is an effective means to improve your eyesight and even gift you with better nighttime vision is just a myth.
- Scientists can't prove that everyone’s fingerprints are absolutely unique. Mike Silverman, a leading forensic scientist in the UK, says that it's impossible to answer for sure whether or not there may be two identical sets of fingerprints.
- You probably learned about the five senses when you were a kid. Smell, sight, taste, hearing, and touch allow you to perceive the world around you, right? Well actually, some scientists recognize up to 33 senses!
- Bacteria are a lot faster than you think. They're able to contaminate your food mere milliseconds after it touches the floor.
- Nowadays, people believe that they can inadvertently cause a heart attack in a sleepwalker or send them into a state of insanity. But that's nothing but an urban legend.

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