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10 Biggest Universe Mysteries We Can't Crack Yet

When will our universe end? Many astronomers agree that this might happen some 2.8 to 22 billion years from now. The thing is that if the Universe is expanding (and it is), it means it was born from a much more compact state. Like Rhode Island. And if it does have a beginning, it's likely to come to an end too! But how exactly will it happen?

By the way, does our Universe have an edge? What happened before the Big Bang? How come we know next to nothing about dark matter and dark energy? What if there are no black holes? Will we ever find the answers to the most intriguing questions about the Universe? Let's talk about some cosmic mysteries that scientists still hope to solve.

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What if there are no black holes? 0:32
Is there going to be a Big Crunch, a Big Rip, or a Big Freeze? 1:37
What was there before the Big Bang? 3:14
What if our Universe is just a simulation? 4:11
If the Universe has an edge, what's there beyond it? 4:48
What if our Universe is just a part of Multiverse? 5:52
What is dark energy? 6:26
What does dark matter consist of? 7:08
Why is the Sun kinda "too hot"? 8:11
Are we alone in the Universe? 8:57

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